6 reasons customers refuse to buy Solutions to sell

 6 reasons customers don't buy?

6 reasons customers refuse to buy Solutions to sell
6 reasons customers refuse to buy Solutions to sell

1. Customers don't know to buy

- need to let customers know 

- Content customers must be willing to see

+ Attractive content: sharing about life, family, social life,.

+ Content leading: Professional advice, user guide to make customers know they are expert problem solvers

2. Customers Don't Need Products

- Customers think they don't need: give illustrative evidence for customers to change status

- Customers from no need => need

Useful interesting content online -> lead -> sales

3. Customers Don't Have Money

- Create the need, the urgency of the product

4. Customers Disliked

 When a customer doesn't like it, you need to know what state the customer is in to decide on a sales pitch.

- Beta state: fully awake, clear emotions -> customers do not buy

- Alpha state: Imagine visualization -> can close the sale

- Theta state: extreme fear, extreme pain, extreme emotion, loss of reason -> desperately needed product -> Purchase without thinking

- Delta status: Rest -> no purchase, not willing to hear the transaction not happening

Details of 4 psychological states of customers when buying

5. Customers are not in a hurry

- Postpone until the next day to think more carefully

- Don't think about the product anymore

-> use limited promotion: offer valid for today only tomorrow

6. Customers Don't Believe

- Help people to be sincere without selling for money

- k Believe in the product

- do not believe in brands and products

Our solutions help you reach your customers and let them buy from you

Build trust before selling after

have to find out what the customer is rejecting me at

Leading article: Need to find out the customer's problem, and come up with solutions to the problem that the customer is facing and I am an expert who can solve the customer's problem

Sales article:

- This is a product that customers can completely trust

- This is the product customers need

- Customers need to have this product to solve the problem that customers are having

- Inspire customers to visualize the product

- Promote purchases by means of promotions

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